Are Your Employees Putting Your Cyber Security At Risk?

We aim to leave our precious stuff in capable hands, don’t we? Banks have safes; supermarkets have security guards; our homes are thoroughly locked and alarmed.

Yet, in the digital world, we’re prone to being a touch more careless. Employees can represent an open door into your data, contacts, and financial protocols. In most cases, they aren’t trained to deal with cyber security threats, which are growing more insidious (and camouflaged) with each passing year.

Lift your head out of the sand before it’s too late, by gauging whether your peers and colleagues are falling into these traps…

Simple or outdated passwords

We’re often told how crack-able our passwords are. The common anti-security culprits, like using the name of a family member or the company itself, can really undermine your user accounts, which may span across a range of different cyber privileges.

Anyone who doesn’t switch up their passwords is playing Russian roulette with your accessibility protocols. It’s vital to remind your staff of what’s at risk, and to oversee an office-wide password change every month or so.

Stale software patches

It’s equally important to make sure every bit of software, from that used by marketing interns all the way to the top of the corporate chain, is patched at regular intervals.

Why is it so important? Simple – the developers of a platform know, with intimate disdain, how clever hackers can be at circumventing their encryption codes. Some digital eavesdropping, as it were, might find a weak spot in an old version of the software, which hasn’t kept pace with new hacking technology.

Sparse cyber training

Emails can push a literal Trojan horse into your network. Through a seemingly innocent link posing as a download or web reference, hackers might gain access to the most sensitive information there is. That includes the details of your clients, crucial files, and a breadcrumb trail to your cash.

Organisations should invest in cyber security training for their staff, to ensure they are better placed to stop hacking attempts in their tracks. The email inbox can be a minefield if the user doesn’t know what to look for.

A threat from within…

This last point isn’t the nicest thing to imagine, but we have to address it. Because how well, truly, do you monitor what employees may do with malicious intent?

They could be selling your data off to a rival, or using it for their own inventive ends. Regardless, there’ll be a change in their digital behaviour, one that you can spot if you’re aware of what to look for. And if the staff as a whole have been given this information, they’ll be able to report suspicious activity before it makes an impact.

So, it’s time to get those workers clued up, instead of hovering over a digital question mark! Focus IT can implement and test the security measures of your entire professional team. Knowledge is power, and we want to disseminate it as far as we can. Take a look at our security provisions – including simulated cyber-attacks to uncover any flaws – and bring us into your peace of mind.