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Surprisingly Simple Ways To Keep Your Network Safe

Implementing cyber security measures is a specialist skill. Few would dispute that. The news continues to serve us apt reminders of the dexterity of modern hackers, and how devious virus coding can be. But as the famous Occam’s Razor theory dictates: the simplest solution is often the most effective – even when it comes to programming.

Laying the foundations for an impenetrable network involves going back to basics. Following a series of simple steps can go a long way to preventing future attacks… and you don’t need a computer science degree to complete them successfully either.

Here are some of the surprisingly easy ways to maintain the integrity and safety of your IT system.

Embrace updates

System update prompts can prove frustrating – flashing up on screen and disrupting your work flow. But as tempting as it might be to click away and continue with whatever you were doing, your network needs these updates like you need your morning coffee. They’re essential for maximum performance.

Updates ensure your system always remains one step ahead of increasingly intelligent viruses. All you need to do is embrace these updates rather than push them to one side. Kick software renovations into action when you finish work for the day so they’re ready for you in the morning (and don’t interfere with your daily tasks).

Password practice

Initially, the process of changing your password every few weeks or months can seem like more of a nuisance than anything else. But the added strength you can supply to your network’s defence line simply by switching a few digits around is astounding.

Taking the time to implement effective password techniques – like constant rotation, employing a mixture of symbols and upper/lower case letters, utilising password managers and never sharing the information with colleagues – will give your system the best possible chance of blocking breaches.

Teaching and training

How much do you and your employees know about cyber security? Probably not enough.

The network security field is constantly in flux and always developing, so any information you might have learned on a course five years ago is likely obsolete. The key to keeping your company safeguarded is by emphasising the importance of cyber security measures and bringing in experts to conduct training/teaching sessions on a regular basis.

The more that you and your staff know, the better equipped you’ll be to stay safe.

Asking the pros

In the same way that some people refuse to call a plumber when there’s a leak, certain business owners feel uncomfortable asking IT experts for advice when a network issue occurs. Sometimes they believe they can fix the issue themselves, whereas on other occasions they’re afraid their provider will speak an entirely different language.

Never hesitate to ask for help with your network. Here at Focus, we explain everything in layman’s terms and provide practical support that’s tailored to each individual client.

Keeping your network safe is much simpler than you might have thought – even if your IT knowledge is cursory at best. Focus can assist any business owner seeking additional support and guidance surrounding cyber security. Drop us a line on info@wearefocus.co.uk or give us a call on 01625 221 077 to find out more.