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Would Your Cybersecurity Stand Up To The Challenge?

Would Your Cybersecurity Stand Up To The Challenge?

Most small businesses don’t have the necessary cybersecurity measures in place to deal with today’s digital threats.

Cybercrooks are putting far more effort into hacking methods than companies are putting into defence tactics, and thousands of UK companies are currently in danger because of this. This is, in part, because people don’t know the true signs of a weak cybersecurity system. If your business was attacked right now, do you honestly believe your system could stand up to the challenge?

Below we outline the key symptoms of cyber vulnerability. Some are more surprising than others…


The system needs updating icon

The System Needs Updating

Updates are never-ending, aren’t they? Sometimes it can feel like your system is permanently prompting you to reboot and install new software; but there’s a very good reason for this. The more up to date your system is, the better equipped it’ll be to fight off new threats. Any business lagging behind on updates is ripe for the picking.

The latest virus strands are developed to weave their way around old security systems in minutes—and once they’re in, your business is in big, big trouble. Don’t swipe away those updates. Embrace them and stay safe.


Passwords are weak icon

Passwords are weak

Predictable passwords that are easy to guess should be banned in the work environment. To strengthen them, brief staff to enter combinations of letters, symbols, numbers, and lower and upper case characters. Passwords must also be rotated every few weeks, and it’s smart to avoid using the same variant more than once.

There’s nothing a cybercriminal loves more than a weak password—and the businesses with lazy practices often end up paying the consequences.


Antivirus software is dormant

Antivirus software is dormant

Over the past decade, antivirus software has had its status promoted from “add-on” to “essential”—with almost every company purchasing some form of firewall or another. But the real challenge is keeping your antivirus software alive and kicking.

Search for updates, conduct regular system scans, and research the best software products on the market to give your business the best chance of defending itself.


Staff arent trained icon

Staff aren’t trained

How much do your staff actually know about cybersecurity? If your staff aren’t trained to enforce simple security measures (like separating authentic emails from cunningly similar spam messages), breaches are more of a probability than a possibility.

Be sure to send employees on training courses so they can remain knowledgeable and actively contribute in the fight against cybercrime.



There’s no IT support team on your side

As cyber threats have become alarmingly more sophisticated, so has defence software—leaving many business owners confused as to what’s required to keep their company safe. That’s why it’s so important to get an IT support team on your side.

Without a group of experts in your corner, you’ll find yourself permanently perplexed by security systems, making you reluctant to embrace the software and practices that are essential for protecting your company’s welfare.

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